Diamond Core Drill Bit for Granite – Wet



Wet Diamond Core Bits for drilling granite and stone

Looking for Supreme Coring and Drilling and prefer to use the bits dry? Try Dia Plus Dry Diamond Core Bits!

The Granite Core Bit is a diamond core bit used to drill a hole through granite and other hard stones. The wet diamomd core bits come in a variety of sizes. These diamond core bits when used properly can get up to 100 holes.

Our most aggressive diamond core drill bit for granite, concrete or any other hard stone. Dia-Plus diamond core drill bits are for use with water. The Granite Hole Saw Bits come with a user friendly 5/8″-11 female thread. These Core Bits range in size including a 4 Inch Core Drill Bit.

  • Total Length: 5″
  • Cutting Length: 3-3/4″

Diamond Core Bits are typically used on an angle grinder such as Makita Variable Speed Angle Grinder 9565cv

Made in Korea