Diaplus 14 Inch Archon Blade for the Blue Ripper Sr. Rail Saw




  • Arrayed diamond pattern on segments of the blade allows for faster and smoother cuts, extending the life 30% longer than traditional blades
  • The ideal blade for use on granite applications
  • Specifically designed for use on the Blue Ripper Rail Saw Jr and Sr.
  • Made in Korea


Traditionally, fast cutting diamond and long lasting were never features of the same blade. NOW, Dia Plus introduces a blade that will do both! The ARRAY pattern granite blade allows for both, fast cutting speed and long life.

Semi Silent/Array Pattern

Available Size: 8″ 7/8″-5/8″ or diamond knock out, 14″ 50/60mm


Item# Size Arbor Segment RPMS
BRS0810R 8″ 7/8″ – 5/8″ 10mm 4300
BRS1410R 14″ 50/60mm 10mm 3450